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Mapping The Rendezvous Deluxe Digital Download


Release Date: 28/10/2016

Mapping The Rendezvous is the brand album from Courteeners. Recorded in Paris and at Real World Studios, it is their 5th studio album and produced by the band’s regular collaborator Joe Cross.

Frontman Liam Fray says of the album - “We’ve finally finished our best (and dare I even suggest, sexiest) set of songs ever so get ready to unleash your inner Danny Zuko and prepare to be (at least mildly) impressed.”

This deluxe format includes live audio of the band’s sold out headline gig at Heaton Park on 5th June 2015 which saw them play to a huge audience of over 30,000.

Order now and receive a copy signed by the band alongside a download of 'No One Will Ever Replace Us', ‘The 17th’, 'Kitchen' plus new track 'De La Salle' immediately.

Lucifers Dreams 3:27 £0.99
Kitchen 2:56 £0.99
No One Will Ever Replace Us 3:54 £0.99
De La Salle 4:32 £0.99
Tip Toes 3:45 £0.99
Not For Tomorrow 3:28 £0.99
Finest Hour 3:21 £0.99
The Dilettante 3:05 £0.99
Modern Love 3:39 £0.99
Most Important 3:48 £0.99
The 17th 5:25 £0.99
Are You In Love With A Notion (Live at Heaton Park) 4:53 £0.99
Cavorting (Live at Heaton Park) 3:40 £0.99
Push Yourself (Live at Heaton Park) 3:41 £0.99
How Good It Was (Live at Heaton Park) 4:53 £0.99
Summer (Live at Heaton Park) 4:15 £0.99
Please Don't (Live at Heaton Park) 4:05 £0.99
The Opener (Live at Heaton Park) 5:42 £0.99
Fallowfield Hillbilly (Live at Heaton Park) 3:58 £0.99
Lose Control (Live at Heaton Park) 3:50 £0.99
Next Time You Call (Live at Heaton Park) 3:57 £0.99
Bide Your Time (Live at Heaton Park) 4:36 £0.99
Sycophant (Live at Heaton Park) 4:58 £0.99
Take Over The World (Live at Heaton Park) 4:07 £0.99
Small Bones (Live at Heaton Park) 4:58 £0.99
Acrylic (Live at Heaton Park) 3:28 £0.99
Aftershow (Live at Heaton Park) 2:50 £0.99
Here Come The Young Men (Live at Heaton Park) 4:07 £0.99
Beautiful Head (Live at Heaton Park) 5:15 £0.99
Not Nineteen Forever (Live at Heaton Park) 4:35 £0.99
What Took You So Long (Live at Heaton Park) 6:06 £0.99